Hollywood and Chevrolet. In 1965…

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Bonanza, Napoleon Solo, Bewitched and ’65 Chevys.

It doesn’t really get much better…..

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  1. What a wonderful ad, those were the days, and between the ads was some of the best television ever. We have become rather boring today, all the cars look alike and TV is the pits. Thanks Vince, for the trip back when times truly were easy.

  2. It would be great if automakers could get this excited about their cars these days. Could you imagine a film like this about a Camry or a Sonata? No way.

  3. I used to lay on the floor as close to the TV as I could waiting for the first Bewitched of the season knowing there would be commercials of all the new Chevy’s. Of course Chevy’s were driven by Darrin too! Then Pontiac took over sponsorship around 1967 then he would always be driving something like a GTO.
    I didn’t recall that cool telescoping wheel on the Corvair.
    Thanks for finding that Vince. Sweeeeet memories!

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