Honda CR-Z concept

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Looks like a preview of the next CRX ro me.

This would look great. And if it turns out to be that “smaller and cheaper than Civic” hybrid model.
Even better.

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  1. Wow – as a past CRX owner and one following the rumors of a possible new CRX – this is exactly what I had hoped for. Question is??? Is it real ? Honda you listening? I’ll buy one if you make one…….

  2. I wouldn’t buy it because it’s surely going to be FWD, but it’s the best-looking Honda I’ve seen in years.

  3. And Honda comes out with yet another front end look. BTW, the front looks nice, but the rear end looks stupid.

  4. 19 inch wheels on this thing translate to a much larger car then the old CRX. I have my doubts that this is a concept of Honda’s dedicated small hybrid. When that car debuts, it will be sold as the “dedicated small hybrid”. Honda mentions that this is a hybrid, but I expect their hybrid world car (claimed to be a family car in 2006) to be a four door.

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