Hyundai Elantra Touring “Beach Cruiser” concept

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Take away all the SEMA crap and wht we have here is the new 5 door Touring version of the Elantra for the US.

And it is pretty much the same car as the i30 Wagon sold overseas. (Bottom picture)
Nothing new or specific to the US market.
It does look good.

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  1. doesn’t it feel like a tease to see “concepts” for stock cars that could totally do well in US? guess the grass is always greener on the other side…

  2. Fully agree with your description of the SEMA add-ons as CRAP. The classless junk hung onto cars is for people with no taste at all.

  3. onwed a 99 gls v6 Sonata, 01 base tibby, and a 04 gls v6 sonata…still have it.
    my deal is with Hyundai, they are trying to be too mainstream, vs having a separate identity.
    This is what,, a CR-V wagon?
    Sorry.. this five door is a NO for me. IF they have built one simialr to their last generation GT Elantra, 5 door that looks like a 4 door coupe/hatch/Saab… Yeah.
    This is a STATION WAGON.
    Minivans and Stations wagons( I don’t care what ya call them, folks, they are what they are, and no fancy mames will completely hide this fact, for me)….No.

    Hyundai is starting to look like Toyonda…
    Next car may just be that sedan version of the CR-Z, if I need 4 door. If not, the CR-Z from Honda will do*(even they are waking up, again, on design ideas).

  4. I was curious whether an Elantra wagon would have the same bodyside creases as the sedan.. but now that this is basically the i30, does that mean the next Elantra sedan will lose them as well?

  5. Love the state, the people, and pity the poor people suffering from the recent fires, but thank God I don’t live in California where this tuner-looking shit is so common.


    Tuners have an all out war against good taste. Now the manufacturers must torture us, too?

  7. Personally, I’m glad they brought the elantra wagon back…I was dissapointed with the last gen’s hatchback (which was basically a mirror image of the original Spectra which was available much earlier…on the older platform of course)….but there is the Spectra 5…wagon/hatch on the same platform of the 2001-2006 Elantra….hmm

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