Hyundai Genesis interior

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This seems better than the pictures we saw before. With much less wood on the dash.

This might turn out really nice.
They are talking of pricing it right under $30 000 for the base V6.

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  1. Reminds me of one of those big old Ford Crown Vics or Lincolns, looks like a comfortable large car, but nothing new or innovative. It would be a great taxi or limo.

  2. Please don’t tell me there’s an iDrive knob behind the transmission gear. Judging from few buttons and one big screen, I think there’s some sort of complicated central system

  3. Ahh… wonderful. Leather in place of wood or metal is starting to become common now as trim. And it actually doesn’t look half-bad. Good job Hyundai.

    (P.S, if you bring the wood-paneled one here and not this version, I will burn the nearest dealer down.)

  4. That looks better? Actually the whole interior design looks pretty bad. The materials likely will be good, as will the fit and finish, but the design is not modern enough and does have striking similarities to Lincolns and Buicks from the 1990s.

    I predict this car will suffer the same fate as the Azera, which will be low sales.

  5. Looks okay…complicated looking in terms of the radio and a/c controls. What’s up with the logo on the steering wheel? Definitely not Hyundai. Unless they are planning on taking Honda’s “H” theme and making it a “V”.

  6. check this crash test. Sorta makes you see how unsafe our “classic” cars are NO need to post this comment”””

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