Hyundai iX 55

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That could be the name they will use when the Veracruz goes on sale in Europe.
They are thinking of selling around 5000 units a year. The main engine will be the 3.0 Liter V6 diesel with 240hp.

Price should be around 45 000 Euros. That seems crazy until you compare it to the 65 000 Euros TDI Touareg…

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  1. I really don’t understand the naming schemes Hyundai uses over there. Having the name of a vehicle that starts with a lower case letter, especaially an “i” seems week for a name….ford got away with it for the 1999-2004 Ameri-focus.

    But what does iX 55 translate to other than just a random combination of letters and numbers? It feels as if “iX” is more of a trim level than an actual vehicle name.

  2. I’m not sure what you guys have but here in Australia the new Elantra hatch is called the i30. All European derived/styled models will wear the ‘i’ prefix from what i’ve heard and it seems most/some/all models sold in Europe will do the same…I’m guessing the ‘X’ refers to 4WD…

    Personally I agree. I don’t think the ‘i’ thing really suits Hyundai. It’s like when Mitsubishi which builds our version of the Galant in South Australia changed the name from Mitsubishi Magna to Mitsubishi 380 for the new model. This was an attempt to bring it into line with cars like BMW and Mercedes with their alpha-numeric model names and create an aura of prestige which is just ridiculous on a car like that.

    I think individual names are better suited and they’re much more emotive and exciting than i20, i30, i40 etc…only established luxury marques like BMW and MB can get away with it.

  3. Threre is room for korean cars if companies like toyota keep recalling their cars. it used to be that the quality japanese cars far outshined everything else. Not so, since their so called leader, has failed miserably in the quality arena. Toyota has recalled more cars in the past year and a half than most other companies manufactured, What? True!. As long as this continues, and it has, well beyond what makes toyota happy, hyundai will have room to move in. Thank goodness Nissan still stands for quality. hey, an aside, the Camry is a non- recommended car for the “first time” this year in a major consumers magazine….wow! times are a changin’

  4. What in the name does ’55’ mean?? At least other euro makers designate their names as close to the engine size as possible. Maybe they’re trying to pass it off as an AMG 55. LOL.

  5. about TOYOTA recalls…

    ironically, mostly the TOYOTA recalls consisted of ones made here in the good ol’ USA… interesting

  6. “Anonymous said…
    about TOYOTA recalls…

    ironically, mostly the TOYOTA recalls consisted of ones made here in the good ol’ USA… interesting”


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