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This is actually pretty amazing.

We saw the result of this car being tested a few months ago and getting a 1 star rating. Pretty much amounting to a death trap.

But Brilliance claims to have made dozens of modifications to the car and tested it again a few weeks ago getting a much improved 3 star result.
They did this by just modifying the existing car. Which means they newer generations like the new BC3 Coupe I showed over the week end should be getting really good results.

I have never seen a manufacturer improving safety that fast.

Amazing, or scary..
You tell me.

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  1. WOW! Those were some extremely good changes made in little to no time.

    The problem is, it almost seems as thought they never did any crash testing themselves as far as design…and waited until an official test was done to “see”. Then rushed back, and went to work. I’m thinking just incomplete design practices…but it makes you wonder.

    Still, just shocking…

  2. crap is crap comunists are comunists
    red iid red 3 stars still means death in a real world crash if you buy this you deserve what’s coming to you

  3. i forget where this was posted elsewhere, but here is the REAL info from this crash
    1- while it may be identical crash testing procedures, it was NOT done at the same place
    2- while it may be identical crash testing procedures, it was NOT the identical car crashed — first car had a sunroof, 2nd did not (yet the roof still buckled in the 2nd one)

    just some marketing Propaganda by Brilliance to confuse the consumer

  4. Hint: don’t get one with a sunroof!

    Even if that’s all they changed, 3 stars is ‘good enough.’ I’ve driven cars that good/bad most of my life anyway.

  5. well, I am impressed by the result, but like someone here had said, it’s a marketing trick because this come form the company. Or the car was specially prepare for the test. I never believe the test which is conducted by every manufactuer. The speed of improvement, well, some say very quick, but u have to remember, the technology for this kind of accident is here for sometime, so the cost is not that high, eg. the type of design of the passenger cell, the strengthening of the enigne compartment etc, are here, they just use the second hand tech of other manufactuer and they can get 3 stars, but to become a top notch safe rating manufactuer, they will need more than that

  6. Knowing the Chinese work ethic, they probably just rigged some wooden structural supports to the car for this test. The haste of this retest just shows the lack of real thoughtful design. It also puts into question the legitimacy and integrity of those who conducted the second test. It also shows the length the Chinese will go to sell thier hazardous junk to the world.

  7. I know this post is old, so probably nobody will read this, but I feel the need to make a contibution because I have some insider info about this. I happen to work at the very facility where this second crash test was performed. This video was filmed with our cameras, and then the company has decided to use it to make publicity. Our company protested, because our name was shown in the video, and we didn’t want to be perceived as endorsing a publicity campaign, we are a neutral testing laboratory. I can see that our name has been removed now.
    As the video states, we are certified EuroNCAP crash test center, and I can assure everyone here that the test was performed following standard EuroNCAP crash regulations, even though it was not intended for EuroNCAP evaluation. It was only meant for internal use of the company, to test how much the had managed to improve the safety.
    As for the speed in the implementation of these safety improvements, I can tell you where the trick is: They did not begin working on the car after the german ADAC test, they had started long before. They were aware of the safety issues of their cars, and had been working on them for quite some time already when the ADAC test surfaced. So this hasn’t taken them just 79 days, as the video might lead you to believe. But I can tell you the improvements are real.

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