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  1. Are some these manual shifts?
    I aask because the Accent I had for 19 days, rental, in July, was automatic, 40% in town(35MPH or less, maybe a stop every 1/2 a mile)and the rest 55MPH, all hwy…..

    and I got 30-33…I maybe avg 31+ MPG(and no, you can’t really “leadfoot” a car that takees 10-11 seconds to 60..well, you can try, lol).
    And no jack rabbit starts/slam brake stops.
    No cruise(at any price on the sedan…on the rental, I should can get cruise, at dealership, aftermarket)…may be why lower numbers, too?

    Still, looks like they are doing better, rio/accent?

    the xB went from what, 103(or was it 108) HP, to 156HP, tC engine, and 1 foot longer, heavier vehicle?

    Chevy surprised me with their GM-DAT car…..hwy MPG.

    Civic really went up, too.
    Vince, any idea about this wild internet rumor last month about a Fit-sized Hybrid by 09, in 2008?
    ANy idea if it is nothing more than a rumor, some truth, dunno?

  2. I drove an AVEO for three weeks recently after being involved in an accident. I got as high as 39 mpg on the highway and the little thing was quiet, peppy and had a smoothe ride. It had hand crank windows and automatic tranny, I must say I was impressed at the workmanship.

    I would buy and AVEO for around town driving, and it wasn’t bad on a trip pretty comfortable little ride.

    The only thing that bothered me was when large trucks would approach from behind, kind of scarey. Any small car would have had that affect on me I’m sure.


    I did not mean the Fit(only)…. I read somewhere(and now can’t find th elink…been 3 weeks or so)… a deal about a Hybrid, based on new Fit platform, possibly 2-3 inches longer( around 13 ft even?)..and starting at 17K?

    and here…

    been other stories too out there, just cant recall the blogs/news sites that I saw them on.

    So, Vince, any updates that you know of about this “all new’ (cheaper than Civic Hybrid) vehicle?

    Last I heard, from what I can recall, was somthing around a 90-100 HP engine(1.0 L?)….and better than prius MPG, starting around 17K…(maybe up to 20K).

    PS: Vince…you can ignore this part/delete it from your post , if you like, but the stories were on…and i think even windingroad.. in late August, or early Sept(too lazy to go searching.. sorry).

    It was on 1(to all 3, I forget, your blog is #1, the rest, i just scan for any possible other data…..w/o really paying much attention, unless it’s liek a 17K Honda Hybrid, lol..but did not pay attention to which one(s) it was on).
    have a good one.
    PS: If they are serious…. I will consider one.

  4. The Civic’s 2005 numbers (26/31) are from the Civic Si, not the regular Civic. There is a big difference there, making the numbers skewed.

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