Kia Mesa

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Looks like someone pulled the camouflage off the back.

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  1. pathfinder wannabe, hey what happened to Sorrento name, nissan keeps names forever, because of their quality reputation, is Kia changing names because of a lack of quality? i think so, just as toyota did with Corona,Tercel, Echo, etc…

  2. To Nissan Spyking: This car does NOT replace the Sorento (one “r”), it will be above it in the product lineup. It is a new product for Kia, they have never produced a big SUV like this one, so the name has to be new as well.
    But I agree that it looks like a Pathfinder wannabe!

  3. ‘Still think Kia/Hyundai should be focusing ALL their resources on sedans/coupes and maybe minivans before doing SUVs. Even if it means doing refreshes/face-lifts midlife to get their styles right.

    At least this one has got me interested. Curious about the interior of course…

  4. Nissan Spyking… how about the Stanza? The B210? The Hardbody Pickup? The NX coupe?

    The Datsun nameplate altogether?

    Stop spreading garbage you know nothing about.

  5. I don’t think Kia is dropping the Sorento name — the Mesa is a bigger truck than the Sorento, pretty sure. In fact, if this goes on sale soon, it will probably sell alongside the Sorento!

    I don’t think that this is intended as a Sorento replacement, is all…..

  6. First off this is a full sized SUV. The Sorrento wil be redesigned and on a CUV platform next year
    Secondly Toyota has nothing but reliable vehicles in their lineup past or present. The Camry & Corolla are benchmarks for family cars. The Tercel the Echo and the Corona were great cars and certainly better than any american cars

  7. The world certainly doesn’t need yet another SUV, and this one isn’t so special (at least from this angle).

  8. As your name implies, poor simple folk “southerner” those cars you list had quality issues, thus the point is made! thanks for your input

  9. Jason, Jason , Jason, Jason, you don’t have to walk miles to see that what you say is 100% wrong!, your statements couldn’t be farther from the truth. Speaking of truth, walk your fingers over to your keyboard and type in toyota recalls, and thus, you wake up……..NOW!

  10. In defense of spyking, if you follow the posts, most everything is accurate and true, I guess a nerve was really hit with that southerner character, he must drive a toyota and thinks he made a wise choice!

  11. If that southerner dude knew anything about Nissan and automotive history, he would know that Nissan changed their name from Datsun to match the name that the company held worldwide. It was only called Datsun in Canada and U.S. Although it was a major blunder because at that time, when it was called Datsun, the company was neck and neck with toyota all the time. It took this long and a rash of major recalls recently by toyota for Nissan to regain ground. The Datsun name was revered and so now is Nissan.

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