Lexus LF-X Concept

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Looks like a preview of the next RX to me.
Except the spy shots of the production model don’t show such a low roofline.
The next RX should grow longer to make room for a smaller model.

So maybe this is more a preview of that smaller one.

Who knows…

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  1. this is a pictyyrture of a toy it looks like a toy to me americans make great trucjks there is no need for these crap on our beutiful roads and by the yway it is beer night tonight and i ewil be there

  2. anyone else think the front end of this Lexus looks a lot like the front of the Honda Accord Coupe Concept? I mean, seriously close.

  3. Donts you guys see it its a blatant ripoff of the Infiniti FX’s front end I guess Lexus figured they need to copy Infiniti’s better designs. I mean with the exception of the LS460 everything Lexus has looks dated compared to its Infiniti competition.

  4. Lexus, as well as other Japanese and European manufacturers have current models which are so much more attractive than domestic counterparts, I wouldn’t be surprised if domestic manufacturers go out of business! Oh, wait….They are going out of business!

    You look at an 2010 RX300 or LS460 or any GS/ES model and tell me an American counterpart that looks as good.

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