Mazda6 Hatch outside

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  1. That is a really nice car. I hope the V6 still comes with a manual. Hope they bring the hatch to Canada.

  2. The back end looks great, and the best thing about this design is that its not derivative like the Honda Accord (BMW 5 Series).

  3. People are soiling their pants over this?

    It’s “nice” and the hatch gives it bonus points, but it’s not leaps and bounds ahead of the others in the looks department.

  4. Amazing… Keep in mind that this is a Family size sedan. So that right there limits the styling. Having said that, this car is So much better looking that the Accord and Maxima. I love the back end and those mean fog lights.

    I am really hoping that they do a Manual Tranny on the V-6.

  5. Vince – your website is producing errors when you use Internet Explorer and click on the comments or a photo. The error is “Stack Overflow on Line: 54.” This happened once last year. Note: It doesn’t happen when using Firefox.

  6. I am in love with the Mazda6…but mainly the hatch; it is a true hatch and not the malibu maxx or the mazda3 hatch.

  7. Mazda is doing good things in the design department. There is really no comparison to any of the other competition. Toyota and Honda have resigned to “designing for the masses”. You must be unique and keep ahead of what the public really desires. Mazda seems to be doing this. Introducing new models. I will admit that not importing the hatchback and discontinuing the station wagon were not very smart decision.

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