Mercury gone in a few years?

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That’s the latest rumor.

I know it’s an old one…
Apparently, there is nothing planned for Mercury in the next few years. Everything that was being considered has been canceled or given to Lincoln.
So the last one might just be the revised 2009 Milan they’ll show us next month.
A new Milan isn’t even planned when the all new Fusion comes out in 2011….

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  1. Ford cannot kill the Mercury because Mercury is already dead. What Ford should do is to finally bury the corpse.

    Mercury offers nothing that’s not in a Ford except giving Lincoln dealers lower-priced cars to sell.

    Now that Lincoln has its own Fusion (MKZ) and Edge (MKX), Mercury has become 100% redundant.

    Ford’s Volvo brand is in the same price class as Mercury and is so much better, so why keep propping up Mercury’s corpse?

  2. I say let Mercury go the way of Oldsmobile. Its time is long past. It’s a tired old marque and I rarely see new ones around nowadays.

  3. Mercury should be gone before the Land Rover and Jaguar duo should! At least those two brands are worth something. Wait..maybe that’s why they are selling it…not burying it like they will do with Mercury.

  4. im sure this is what you kids all want kill off good old legendary names like mercury but they are doing jsut fine last ltime i checked they weer selling more cars than lexus or nissane are you calling for thee guys to go away like they should but no they nn t le xus guy e giu guys ar the se dont even

  5. What a dumb move. Mercury might not sell in the volume that Ford brand does, but their customer sat. numbers are through the roof. Simply put, people who buy them, love them. Isn’t there anyone at all at Ford Motor Company with enough creativity to figure out how to use common architecture under the skin of vehicles, but differentiate their exterior/ interior appearance? There’s plenty of room for Mercury in Ford’s future if they just start doing something with it. Turn it into a sporty/ muscle brand, turn it into a brand of fuel-efficient Scion-fighter cars, ANYTHING… killing off brands is nothing more than a sign of a management team that’s short on ideas on even shorter on enthusiasm. GM killed Oldsmobile, and now are re-positioning Saturn to fit right into its place. They probably will kill it, but what a sad, stupid move.

  6. I too agree with 8:11. I believe that Mercury has great potential, but Ford needs to do something with it. I think the Milan is a great car and better than the Fusion. I think the Mariner is better looking than the Escape. That’s not enough though. Lincoln should be an ultra luxury brand, going up against Mercedes, BMW, Cadilac, etc. Mercury should be doing a combo of what Saturn and Buick are doing, competing against Buick, Saturn and the affordable models of Infiniti and Lexus. But what do I know. I’m just one of the many who could have saved Ford millions and millions of marketing dollars by telling them how stupid it was to expect to sell more cars by changing the name. I would have told them that for free. And the auto publications and blog sites did. This is where Mencia (from The Mind of Mencia) would come in and go “deedeedeeeeeee”!

    John M.

  7. With all that Mercury has to offer, I very surprised the Meta-One (Could have been Sable X by now) didn’t make it through…

    But I agree completely about Saturn become the next Olds….the last Aurora was GMs bridge to making a Euro brand….especially with those annoying rear fog lights….at least they retooled a little for Saturn’s “Euro-ness”…but I would not be surprised to see a Saturn sedan segmeted above the Aura someday….with a multi displacement V8….they are already selling the 40,000+ Outlook (I don’t know WHY anyone would pay this much…might as well get the Buick!), so brand image price ranging isn’t an issue for them anymore apparently… :/

  8. If it did go, what would happen to Lincoln. Clearly they could not survive on their own right now? I think there is a good chance of Volvo being sold. Not because ford wants to get rid of it, but, because they have not choice. They need the cash.

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