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I am not against the idea of a raised up 4 door AWD Mini.
But this illustration from Motor Trend is one of the worst looking thing I’ve ever seen….

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  1. I am sure Slime Bag Jones will have a comment about this, but truthfully I think they should add another door to the Clubman and perhaps raise it 3 more inches from the ground and you’ll have more of a genuine Mini that is well fitted in the micro AWD

  2. truck+big what is the point of a small truck made in england when it is way too smal for out streets

  3. Well, for one thing Slimebag Jones, it’s a Mini. It’s not supposed to be gargantuan. Also it isn’t a truck. On a different note, I don’t see the point of BMW changing the image of Mini aka no big cars suvs or crossovers!

  4. Slime Bag, this will actually be made in
    Austria and some Americans don’t want bulky
    SUV’s. Make sense? Not all American want to eat a Big Mac…some might want a smaller burger.

  5. toyota fj is a poor seller this is 100% the same only will cost more. nice to see mini and bmw are so concerned with the environment thet they are whoring the mini name onto an suv

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