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  1. Well, this is obviously a big improvement on the current C5 (it would have been hard for it not to be!). The estate in particular looks quite dashing, one of the best I’ve seen recently. Here in Europe, Citroën is seen as a bit of a budget brand (that’s why the C6 doesn’t sell), and in the 90s the styling seemed to had gone off the rails for a while, but with the C4, which replaced the drab Xsara, and now this, they seem to be getting back on track.

  2. First… start out with the A6.
    Then… add the Mondeo.
    Now… top with a dash of Passat

    Now you have the all new C5.

    Yes, I am poking fun at the car industry for creating clones, but I must add that this is one of the prettiest clones around.

    The Estate is especially attractive.

  3. On the wagon the chrome strip under the side windows stops at the rear one, but somehow this works on this handsome car. Typical odd quirk for French cars. They have to have one or two on everything they design.

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