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Let’s hope Honda will bring the navigation and that amazing glass roof to the US…

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  1. The glass roof (does it open like a sunroof?) is a really cool feature. So is the, uh, well glass roof. That’s about it.

  2. Considering that oil hit $80/barrel today, I would consider this a strong seller when it comes out. But it should also have those amazing features. Honda’s never been the cheapest car, and those that want a cheap car wont stop at their dealerships for long. Make mine with an amazing moonroof and fully loaded sport attire, and I’ll be there with my wallet in spring when I buy my next car.

  3. Thanks for these pics, Vince. I was wondering if Honda would keep those trick rear seats that allow such versatility. Looks like they now have hidden compartments the previous model didn’t.

    Quite possibly my next car.

  4. Thanks for the pics Vince.

    You know, I really want to buy a domestic vehicle. I want to support my country. I want replace my 15 year old 2 door Toyota Tercel that although runs like a top, isn’t exactly a family vehicle. I want a Ford or a Chevy in my driveway. Too bad Chevy thinks Americans are dumb enough to think the Korean Aveo can compete with the current Fit, much less this new version. And the Fiesta? Well, at this point we know almost nothing about it except that it could just be offered in a 2 door version. I test drove the current fit, and although it was quite impressive, its design seems to be a bit long in the tooth and with the future addtion of another 10 horsepower, minimal additional weight, better torque from the i-VTEC and the extra room inside this vehicle seems like a no brainer. I’ll take one in the Sport trim with a manual transmission. It may not look like a Ferrari, but it’s probably the most fun you can have in a vehicle for under 20k with such versatility. And Honda reliability to boot.

  5. Thank goodness Honda didn’t put that fugly double decker dash a la’ Civic in the Fit. I’m really considering this for my senior citizen mother to add some spice to her grocery runs.

  6. I finally figured out why they called it fit. It lacks in “Fit” and finish so poorly, that this was the only way Honda could add more fit, in the name no less. Have you ever sat in this bug eyed monster???? cheap, hard, poor plastics, hard cushionless seats, no wonder they are quickly redesigning it and the nissan versa is blowing it out of the water in sales, there really is no comparison between the fit and the versa……none!

  7. I love how people are saying that this is a desperate redesign for Honda when the Jazz/Fit has been on the market for years….outside of the U.S.

    We just got the Fit late and the usual redesign for the car is on time….we just got the shorter life span of the “old” one.

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