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I still think this will turn out to be the next Galant.
And that’s not good news for Mitsubishi.

This is a car that is boring as a concept. Imagine it with smaller wheels and no glass roof.
This wil not cut it against the new Mazda6 or even the new Accord.
Plus Mitsubishi doesn’t have a quality reputation like Toyota or Honda. So they need to come out with a “must have” product.
Like the Altima did for Nissan, and the new 6 could do for Mazda.

Good luck with that one…

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  1. Actually, I think the car is quite aggressive, at least the front, not the best, but not the worst either, it’s just another kind of those car product, but I think Mitsu should think out of the box or otherwise they will lose $$$ or even bankrupt. At least I think this is better than the 500

  2. The back looks like a current Hyundai Sonata. In fact, so does the greenhouse. This isn’t a rebadged Sonata is it? Hyundai and Mitsubishi still have a relationship in some ways.

    Or it looks like a Sonata crossed with a 99 Camry.

  3. While I am not a huge fan of Mitsubishi, this is a gigantic step in the right direction. The current Galant is abysmal.


  4. this car doesnt look any more boring than the rest of the cars in its class, the altima wasnt a must have it was just different meaning not as boring as the camry and accord, it had horrible interior quality, it was bland except the tail lights, the v4 was no good, and the v6 had miles of torque steer, that doesnt must have. it just looks very close to production….boy on this site if you arent one of the tops you have no chance

  5. That is baffling. How could they make such a great looking new Lancer, that people can’t wait to get their hands on, and then botch the new Galant like this?

  6. If Mitsubishi wants to sell more Galants its needs to find a better design formula fast. The best they can do with this thing jazz it up a bit with chrome and price it two thousand below the new Accord.

  7. I like it. Looks French. But those ridiculous wheels look like something on a drug dealer’s car.

  8. What a doofus-looking 80’s style concept car. Yuck.

    As an honest question, what specifically is 80’s-looking to you? I just don’t see it, but as a car fanatic, I’m open to conversation.

  9. Your right… Mitsu needs to start building this car next week if they want to make an impact in the midsize car market. Good luck with that!

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