More on the CR-Z Concept

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Well, it IS a hybrid.
So if it makes it to production, it might well turn out to be the small hybrid model they were talking about.
Rumors are it would get over 70mpg.

But this is a pure concept. Unlike the Accord Coupe concept they showed last year, which was actually a production model with different trims.
This one has no bumper lines. Which means it would have to change quite a bit for production.

Maybe they’ll show us something closer to production in Detroit…
Who knows…

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  1. I smell Volvo C30 up front. Add AWD and this will be the best Honda ever!!!!!!!
    I would pay $ 20 K if so….

  2. Z as in nissans use of the z and the heritage it brings along, please homda, design prettier cars and get your own monicker!

  3. I’m a proud owner of a ’90 CRX and I have been waiting for the little car to return. I like almost everything about this new concept, especially the profile and the rear window(s) and tail lights. Though, I am sad to see that it has a backseat(seen in other photos on the web).

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