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The illustration looks a bit weird.
I am sure adding 2 doors to the C30 could look better than that…

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  1. Why not just buy the wagon?

    That huge bumper that looks fine on the 2-door makes this car look like it shit in its diaper. Might be just the angle.

  2. Apparently the 5 door is a possibility if sales of the C30 go well enough. Volvo admitted that a 5 door won’t be as successful in terms of design but might appeal to people looking to move up market from the Mazda 3 etc..

  3. It looks very odd cause its a bad photoshop, look real close at the C pillar and the always used phony glass cover up, to hide obvious shadows in the glass areas….

  4. Especially stupid because the back hatch overrides the bumper making the hatch vulnerable to easy (and costly) damage.

    This photo can’t be authentic.

  5. Why? When the V50 is practically the same thing?

    Also, they are just going to call it the C 30 5-door?

    Ok, so we have the:

    V50 (Former V40)

    (Former V70)



    XC 90 (the only one that makes sense….since it’s a loner)


    C70 = S40 (Convertible)–> Should Go by C40

    C30 = S40 Hatch –> Should go by H40

    S40=S40 (good!)

    V50=S 40 Wagon –> Should go by V40

    S60=S60 (Great!)

    OLD V70= S60 Wagon –> Should have gone by V60

    S80=S80 (Super!)
    NEW V70 = S80 Wagon–> should go by V80

    So what in the world are they going to call this Shortened S40 wagon?

    One day the folks at Volvo will have their naming scheme organized…

    This is why vehicles with actual names NEVER have this problem….

  6. Ok, I didn’t see the previous article….so they may call it the V30….odd….because it’s still a V50 with a different rear end.

  7. Michael, I don’t know what they’ll call it but from what I’ve read…. Volvo IS making a new S60 & to allow more ‘room’ for it, the S40 replacement will be just a bit smaller & probably use the C30’s front half but might have a very different hatch (fastback? that’d be my choice)… & the XC60 will probably take the place of the V50. So imho it doesn’t sound disorganized at all – tho I agree the C70 could have been called the C50 (unless they use that name for the S40 replacement) hmmm….

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