More pictures of the new Citroen C5

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Looks like it has the same cool steering wheel system I experienced in the C4.
This car looks great. I hope it’s a big hit for them.

Too bad for us, it would have been a great car for a Citroen “return to the US”…

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  1. Citroen may come to NA albeit Canada first. Quebec will be as big a market as france with all the french folks there… Citroen has been threatening to come to Canada for quite some time now.. Hasnt happened yet..

  2. How much does a C5 cost in Europe? Is it competing directly against the 5 Series, E-Class, and A6? If that’s the case, I think they’re going to have a tough battle ahead…

  3. Its clean, but its not more than that. Citroen is usually more avant garde than that. This is a much more mainstream design…and that front end overhang is huge!

  4. This is not going against the 5 series or the E class at all.
    The current one is priced pretty much against the Passat.
    And I think, even in Europe, this class of car is more conservative anyway.
    Looks at the new Mondeo or Laguna.
    These are nice and modern looking cars, but nothing like the smaller C4.

  5. Mmmmm… The concave rear window looked like an appropiately original touch in the quirky, futuristic C6, but on a more conservatively styled car like this, it makes no sense.

  6. Michael Michael michael, when Ferrari did it on the 308 ans 328 you and all the other sheep were wowed, that’s where it comes from and if it were a Maserati sedan you would be gaga over the back window. On another note, if this were the new accord it would have a good chance vs the altima, but the accord is a dud!

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