More pictures of the Subaru exiga Concept

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And it doesn’t look better when photographed outside.
To me this looks worse and more boring than any Honda out there.
But it does look like a Honda concept, not Subaru. except Honda concepts look better.
The new Tourer wagon concept Honda showed us last month looks 10 times better than this.

I hear now this is NOT the next Forester. But it does look almost ready for production.
Let’s hope this isn’t the next Legacy wagon.
The current one looks much better….

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  1. Anonymous said…

    1st pic looks like a Ford at first glance
    October 11, 2007 7:26 PM

    Yeah, maybe if your blind it does. I think Subaru just smuggled some blueprints for an upcoming (or even past) Honda concept, and smacked their logo where the “H” should be.

  2. Vince, This looks more like a direct competitor to the Kia Rondo and the Mazda 5. Since it will have 4 wheel drive standard, it will probably compete very well in this class and also create a niche in this segment for more to follow!

  3. They will never add the fine metallic details, such as the grill and exhaust. It will also be done done a bit…

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