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I bet you almost forgot about this one….

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  1. I sure wasn’t. I would like this one to be my next car, but unfortunately it won’t come to Europe. But there will be 14 new Toyota-models introduced in Europe in the next 1,5 years. My local dealer told me so.

  2. It looks exactly like what Toyota should: boring but efficient. Let’s hope it is also well-made.

  3. God bless Toyota.. Finally someone gets it. I mean the interior color ie.. I am frankly sick of seeing black/grey all the time. Get some imagination people. There are more earthy colors that are pleasing to the eye.

  4. why can’t they give us the real mark-X along with this POS? or the crown series for that matter

  5. That “S” curve door handle (that starts above the power window buttons and trails off at the armrest) looks like it would be hard on the wrists. And where is the drink holder for the driver? Nice storage compartments on the front passenger side, though.

    One other concern (that isn’t specific to Toyotas): why do manufacturers insist on those fussy, gated shifters on automatics? How does this improve ergonomics? The simple straight-line gear selectors have worked well enough for decades. Even manumatics don’t need this obnoxious annoyance.

  6. Autoweek said it’s codenamed ACE coming with the V6 for MY 2009.

    Gated shifters work quite fine, having used both gated and pushbutton auto shifters. I think it’s more a matter of personal preference, there’s one less moving part to break with the former.

  7. this car is a definite sign of a deperate company, this is a big effort to make things different to shield a fast growing poor quality reputation. hey, its not me saying this, a major consumers magazine is now reporting that the Camry , for the 1’st time ever “will NOT” be recommended. What does that tell you. This style is feeble, a grabbing at straws if you will, a reaching out for a life preserver, as the ship sinks…..Bye Bye toyota!

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