Mustang Convertible gets a 5 star rating

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The Mustang convertible just got a 5 star rating by the NHTSA.

But this video really doesn’t show anything really safe…
Look at how the windshield caves and crushes the dummy’s head.
It’s kind of scary…

I am not sure what to think
This is way to confusing for me.
I’ll go back and watch the Office…

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  1. That looked terrible, but maybe the motions were restrained. I wouldn’t want to be in it that’s for sure.


  2. Is it just me or does the NHTSA award five stars for pretty much every car? Even cars that scored very badly in EuroNCAP and ANCAP (Australia) tests, like the Chevrolet Aveo/Holden Barina, still managed to be awarded five stars under NHTSA testing…???

  3. It did. Although the windshield came down making contact with the dummy’s head, any acceleration (impact) wasn’t enough to compromise it’s five-star rating.

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