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Again, thanks to a reader.

Maybe one of the luckiest nerd on earth. Today, he drives the all new Inifiniti EX35.

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  1. That Chubby Nerd has an awesome job. I would love to drive and chat about cars, but I think he would be better as a MC Donald’s consultant.

  2. the guy must love his job… i’ll admit it. i added their account to my subscriptions.

    the 360 camera reminds me of the original Grand Theft Auto game

    i wish the reviews were a bit longer though

  3. This is a very handsome vehicle with a great looking interior, but it seems a bit small inside. Rear quarter view reminds me of a Mazda3 hatchback (which is a compliment). Rear visibility looks to be horrible with the tiny windows and huge headrests making the camera option an important one. Power rear seatbacks seems the ultimate in laziness on a car this size, but since most of us are lazy, they should be put to good use.

    I can hardly wait to actually try one on for size.

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