New Citroen C5

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Doesn’t it look like what the Sebring should have been?

It does look much better than the soft and lumpy current C5, that’s for sure…

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  1. Here’s the info French-speaking dudes already know:

    – Hydro pneumatic “Hydractive 3+” suspension will now be available as an option for the whole range except the base engine (every current C5 gets the magic suspension so it’s a step backwards in terms of comfort. This move is done to attract customers who were afraid by the magic carpet-like suspension).

    – The sedan is a proper 4-door, as opposed to the current 5-door hatchback. Again, sounds like a step backward in terms of practicability but aping the Passat seems to be the only way to attract a serious amount of customer outside France.

    – Not only do the front seats look f*cking good, they’ll also include an optional massage system as on premium cars.

    – Ordering hydro pneumatic suspension will mean you’ll get automatic parking brake.

    – The sedan will get an optional slide/tilt sunroof whereas the wagon will only have a panoramic glass roof (as on the Peugeot 407). Apparently, PSA is not aware that people could want a wagon with a sliding sunroof.

    More pictures here:



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