New CRX concept coming up?

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Honda might show a concept version of the next CRX at the upcoming Tokyo auto show.
And this might just nbe the sub-Civic little hybrid they were talking about last year.

We’ll see…

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  1. Vince: Thanks 4 posting this( I mentioned something about a smaller than civic hybrid, maybe based on fti platform..the new one, slightly larger car..on the fit post the other day).

    Like I said the other day…rumors say under 20K. One salesman told me we might know 100% for sur euntil after Chicago (or until then) autoshow..told me today( Lima,Ohio dealership…he said they are still not sure…never told anything this far out in advance, supposedly).

    Who knows?
    Hope we hear something soon. It’s this, or the VW Jetta Diesel(Vince… how reliable are VW’s Diesel cars? Any better than their current gas-only? That’s the one issue I have… heard VW’s are about bottom of the heap these days, in reliability..sorry to digress).

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