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From Nissan. Via your best friend Vince Burlapp…

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  1. Anonymous said…

    Damn Japanese and their love for classical music!

    Damn that John Williams and his classical musical composition for “Memoirs of a Geisha.” John’s work is universally recognized as worthy while this car’s design has yet to be considered as an equally valid artistic statement. And it’s still considered ugly by people who know design.


  2. Vince Burlapp said…

    I don’t get the John Williams reference….

    Yea, I don’t either. I must have been drunk and posting on several sites at once. Sorry.

  3. I too think the blacked out portion of the front end would look better with the camo left on. But you gotta agree, this car is AAAAAALLLL BUSINESS!

    John M.

  4. That music is from Total Recall, and it totally doesn’t go well with this video…These guys should watch a little top gear and learn how to mix audio from them. All I could think of was Arnold running from the bad guys while watching this…lol

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