New Impreza STI

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Kind of weird…

And I hear about “only” 280hp. So it’s pretty much as powerful as a Camry or an Accord…(V6)
With that kind of weird overdone look, shouldn’t it be even more powerful?

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  1. Hey vince, is the sti version only gonna be offered in hatchback form? What’s your sources say? And thanks for your hard work. I check your cite literally everyday. I often don’t think you get the credit you deserve man. Thank you.

  2. hey vince you also have to take into account the japanese “gentlemans agreemnt” where no car is to exceed 208kw/280hp. So you may have heard right but actual power is probably quite different, e.g r34 GTR

  3. They should have just kept the base body style. I was expecting something mean and aggressive. Not much done except different fog lights, wheels, engine, and STi badging…whoo. The Lancer Evo looks tons times better.

  4. Ya know, it’s kinda sad, but I kinda like the look of it. A little weird, but cool at the same time.

  5. the japanese “gentlemans agreemnt” is no longer in effect

    its one of the main reason why the new LF-A/GTR/NSX are rolling out past 500hp

  6. I like the front end. the side profile is too generic. It reminds of the profile on the now-defunct Lexus IS Sportcross.

  7. If this is the car “the Germans wished they designed” – the Germans would never have allowed the massive overhang on the front end.

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