New Malibu in the wild

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Well, at least not inside…

The Hybrid version still looks cheap. Maybe it’s just the wheels.
But that door panel looks pretty thin and cheap too. Maybe it’s just the picture.

I guess I’ll have to see it for myself.
Does anyone knows when it’s coming out?

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  1. They have a major mistake on their hands if they launch that interior version to market. It looks really flimsy and no ambience to it. I was expecting a lot more style even with the base version and hope that most people buy the up-market 2 tone versions instead to risk embarrassment.
    Slime bag Jones will probably have another stupid comment to say.

  2. it doesnt look like a cadillac becaus eit s chevy chevys are for poepl with not too much money who still want a classy product malking them proud to be in the us of a the interior here looks much better than the hondas and toyotas ive seen on this site and i am sure it will be more reliable

  3. im confused to how this car looks any worse than a base camry or accord, and this interior is 2 tone, or how it looks again any worse than base camry or accord…..boy gm cant win for losing

  4. To Writer 6:18pm:

    The mere fact that most of the advertising has attempted to portray this vehicle as an up market car by showing two tone interior shots and with richer plastic surfaces. The shot posted on this web site
    seems to make the car look way to common.
    My earlier comment never said anything about Cadillac, Honda or Toyota.

    Slime bag, what are you talking about in regards to your office? Maybe your talking about your toilet seat…

  5. exactly what im saying kid this isnt a cadillac so it cant be as good as the best and w o the

    its good old eineken american beer at puszles tonight one of the prks about biong over 21 kids and the malibu ihas been around for much longer than the jap stuff anywat i bet you john wayne never dorve a honda inhis life

  6. guys, this interior is the only interior for the hybrid and is not available on the other models. So if you dislike it, take heart as the hybrid will be less than ten percent of the total prodution.

    I go for training on this in early November with cars arising at the dealership late November. Camrys and accords to be on hand for cross comparison in dealership, so no worries about cheapness.

  7. Bag, I am no kid, but I wish i was 19.
    Ok, Gramps.

    Please don’t call Japanese Japs.
    I have been to Japan and many folks there love Hummers, Jeeps and other American products but gas
    is 2 x expensive, so they need smaller and more economical cars.

  8. I’m really looking forward to this car coming out. These pics do make the car seem a little eeeehhhh… Maybe it’s one of those things where the car looks better in person than in pics. I do partially agree with D. Jones. You can’t make a $40,000 car that people are only willing to pay $20,000 for it. If you expect really high end stuff then the Malibu may not be for you. I think the Malibu will be vastly better than it’s previous versions. Whether it’s better or at least comparable to others like Camry, Accord, Altima, 6 and others remains to be seen. I disagree with D. Jones with the reliability statement. When the vehicle does come out, only time will tell if it’s more or less reliable. I do think it will be a very reliable car however.

    One thing I really like about this car is the fact that you’ll be able to get a fully loaded car with a 4 cyl engine and a 6 spd auto. I think that one is going to be the big seller. Not including the 6 spd auto option, does anyone know if you can get a similarly equiped vehicle with Camry, Accord or 6? I know you can with Altima(2.5SL).

    John M.

  9. Those photos make the new Malibu look bland, but still a big improvement over the current Malibu which is as dull as dishwater.

    There’s no break-through car here, just a better Malibu than the previous model. It’ll be a fleet buyer’s and rental company’s darling, for sure.

    Still, it’ll be sold at a lower price than comparably equipped Camrys or Accords, so won’t be a bad deal at all.

    Just don’t expect too much from this quite ordinary car.

  10. From some angles this thing looks excellent for a mainstream family sedan. Very good body tailoring and front to rear overhang ratios. The front grille treatment is kind of wonky but the overall shape is very good. Better than some recently released sedans. I don’t know if gm cheaped out on the interior material but even if they haven’t … that steering wheel looks friggin huge. Can they do something about that.

  11. It looks like 3 years older than Camry, 2 years older than Altima, and 10 years older than Accord. But i believe this will be a very competitive car. Just make me wonder, how good RWD Impala will get 2 years from now.

  12. Sebring’s interior is better, imho.
    Too bad the exterior isn’t.
    The rear end is better.
    I noticed Fusion= Honda tail lights…
    so this is what, Camry-ish tail lights?
    Look… this is bad. The Kia Optima, newer model, out 18 months, 2 Model Years, looks better(inside and out).
    I test drove the Malibu, and it had enough pick-up, and was tolerable, but the steering column was 3 feet higher than I like(or felt like it was) when all the way down(downward travel)….
    and the festival of 1980’s like plastics seemed to never end.
    Seems the tradition continues.
    Why spend extra $$$… on 35MPG, when the new car gets 29-30 MPG, on regular gas?
    Fusion, it’s still the best of Big 3, right now, at least in looks.
    Since all I need is a car for 2 people… I’ll buy the last model year 3 door Accent GS or SE… in 09 ….when I’m ready to buy. That car’s interior looks superior to this(hybrid, or not).

  13. Mr Jones:
    Chevy’s are for people with little cash, who want a classy car? LOL… it sure ain’t this!
    Try a Fusion, at least.
    Try a Accent SE , on sale, for 14K!
    Both out shine this thing in looks, at least.
    Classy? Classy is Buick, isn’t it? lol… You’re confused.
    Chevy is what Vince showed us in June of 2006 on his Cobalt test drive/photos of interior(look it up), when he said the Accent was better.
    It’s for UAW workers(family/friends, or people who buy cheap used cars) who get the cars for 3-5 K less than the public does.

    Doesn’tmean it’;s not reliable, or a decent car…just… I dunno… it’s sort of depressing to look at, to be honest.

  14. this wil be aevrey where when it comes out by the way i took care of 2 camrys on my way home from puzzles eineken night they were parked and i bet these guys will ne ver tomoroow what hit will h yt yfg

  15. Vince – It’s time for you to stop giving a public forum to “Douchebag”. At first it was just annoying to read his childish ranting and nonsensically extreme and intolerant patriotism. But now he his using your blog to publicly boast about that he “took care of 2 camrys on the way home.”

    What does this mean? Best case scenario is that means nothing, like everything else he writes; worst case scenario is that he is confessing to a possible crime and your blog is the platform where he can anonymously attract attention to himself and to what he has done.

    – Boston Mike

  16. Burlapp. please add spell check to the comment
    box since the “bag” is writing words not found in the dictionary.

  17. If this is the base Malibu interior, then it’s very good for its intended purpose. No interior looks good in grey. You can’t see it from the angle of this shot or the sun glare, but the dash design is very nicely done and much better than a Camry. The door panel looks simple, but the picture is cropped so you can’t really see it. The exterior is not attractive with those wheels or in silver. But those are options that can be changed. I’ve seen it with much better combinations.

  18. The spell check is turned on for the comments.
    Not sure why you guys can’t see it.

    But really, speel chack isn’t going to help the ones who come home drunk and attempt to type something on their computer….

  19. Boston Mike,

    Everyone does have the right to free speech, provided that there is validity to it. But that particular blogger who I won’t give credit to is
    living under some rock.
    Unfortunately, he probably is suffering from
    some psychological order, perhaps from Vietnam
    or from some other tragedy. I can’t provide him
    with any help, either can Vince but I do agree
    that it is time for the “Bag” to be tossed out.

    To Annoymous 10:31 am

    It depends what browser you use. Netscape for example does provide that application, while Safari

  20. I think we should hold comment until we see it live.

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been more press coverage on this…I’ve seen ads and stuff, but where are the driving impressions from the various publications?

    I suspect that a top of the line Malibu os going to pretty amazing inside…

  21. This vehicle is one of a few newly introduced “last stand and fight” car for the GENERAL. I hope they understands that the buying public will not stand for a second grade car. Buyers will leave it sitting on the lots like a lot of their cars are now doing. I have seen a LTZ prototype of this car and the interior was spectacular. This interior seen here, is no less then what is found on the current Toyota/Honda competition. Time will tell…

  22. Bright sunlight always takes away definition and causes objects to look flat, don’t judge this interior by this obviously bad picture. I have seen the interior of the Malibu and I can assure all of you, it looks much richer than the Camry and just as good as the Honda. The car looks much more expensive than the price.

  23. Wreny said…

    Bright sunlight always takes away definition and causes objects to look flat, don’t judge this interior by this obviously bad picture.

    With all due respect, don’t most of us drive our cars in bright sunlight?

  24. most kids here arent even old enough to drive real people wil buy this car in masse when they see it and the american steel in this car is superior to the foreign crap so the car will be much safer too

  25. I just got invited to drive the car by GM. Next month.

    So I guess if I can make it, I will be reporting on it ASAP.

  26. If I had to choose between this, A focus, and a Sebring on a rental lot….this would be the winner….

    If I were to buy, I’d feel ripped NOT getting the LTZ

  27. still looks very bad and will not sell, that rear end looks terrible. this will still feel like all gm products, cheap, like bob lutz and poorly put together like bob lutz, forget it gm, that has been, never was , he is a loud mouth schnook that puts out garbage like this….boring!

  28. Like auto enthusiasts have always been, there’s never a lack of strong opinion here. There’s usually more behind the opinions than the face value. For what it’s worth, I think this car looks great in person. The exterior is athletic and the interior is nicely put together (even though these shots look, well, not great.) If it drives nicely, it’ll be a step ahead of the competition… for now.

  29. My friend is a GM engineer. I’ve seen a high trim-level model up close and ridden in it as well. Don’t just an entire new vehicle by one bad picture. The car is very nice and looks great when you opt for something other than base trim.

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