New Mazda6 video

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You can see both the sedan and the hatch.
With an all black interior.

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  1. Vince… this month’s Car and Driver says we are not even getting ANY version of this Mazda 6 in North America (bummer…) and that we will be getting something based off the current 6/Fusion platform. Thoughts?

  2. Whadhesay?

    As far as that Car and Driver article goes, Yeah I read that too but it does’nt make sense to me to have 2 different 6’s. And then to have it on the same platform as the Fusion…it seems to me then that it would take sales away from the Fusion/Milan. However that may explain why Mazda won’t have a hatch or wagon here. Who knows what Ford/Mazda is going to do. Heck, I don’t think Ford knows what Ford is going to do. What ever they decide though it better be good.


  3. vince,
    The fact of us not getting the 6 should be investigated more…

    Why would you EVER even think of the fusion when there is something so beautiful like this out there…. Blocking this so they could, in theory, sell more fusions is obviously stupid to everyone but Ford.

  4. I think the Fusion and Milan look better than the current 6 or the new 6, but I like clean lines on cars.

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