New Smart crash test

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The redesigned Smart (the one we’re getting next year) just got a 4 star rating in the latest Euro NCAP test.
Great result.

I am sure they’ll be using that in the US launch.
Most people here are still afraid to be driving such a small car on our freeways.

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  1. Impressive!….but I’m still afraid to drive this thing on the highway though….

    Perhaps I just need to just keep thinking about the power-to-weight ratio…..I’m just afraid that it won’t have the same pick-up as my Intrepid ES (3.2)….and as large as that car is, it has plenty of guts…

  2. Food for thought, the SMART scored MUCH higher than the Intrepid did in crash tests. Though the SMART is small, it is one of the safest cars you can drive due to its superior engineering.

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