New Toyota Çrown

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As usual, this is not for the US.
We have Lexus and the Avalon here.

And now the Crown will also be available as a Hybrid.

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  1. It is time to get rid of the 65 plus Avalon sedan
    and bring style to the Toyota brand. I am not sure why the US market neglects itself or is neglected by Toyota execs.

  2. Aside from the great looking SAAB wheels, the car is really bland. The silly huge tail lamps look like a pug with cataracts.

  3. anotehr ugly ww2 like design from the jkapanes loks like a brik like it was designe d with a sledge hammer

  4. Douchebag….use a fucking dictionary to spell.
    This does not look like it was from WW2, maybe your spelling does.

  5. OK, so, this must be the updated Avalon. Toyota needs to be careful not to canibalize the Lexus brand with styling updates.

  6. The Crown has nothing to do with the Avalon.
    It is a different platform all together.

    The Crown isn’t sold in the US, and as far as I know, the Avalon isn’t sold in Japan. It is a north American model only.

  7. Nissan decided to sell the GT-R as a Nissan here in the US and not as a Lexus, so Toyota can do the same with this car but none of us car geeks or nerds have the finally say( sorry I am not the chubby one : ) )

  8. a nice mid-large RWD car with v6/v8 and available AWD, without the added “pay us $15000 more for a badge” premium charges.

    it’s funny how this car, and the Mark X, can co-exist with Lexus IS/GS in japan, but in the states, all those market analyst in the company will be yelling bloody murder if anybody tries to bring these cars over, because they think it will totaly obliterate the sales of camry/avalon IS/GS etc.

  9. Funny, I was going to say other than the fugly Saab-like wheels, it looks amazingly expensive & modern.

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