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tThe great Mark Steherenberger is usually not wrong. But in this case, I hope he is.

I sure was hoping a bit more from the next Corvette.
But then again, I was hoping more when the current one came out…

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  1. the front end (or at least the headlights) look too much like a porsche. but the rear view is nice, like the diagonal line running from above the headlights into the front wheel well

  2. the best in the world is getting better how do they do it how can they possibly oimprove on the base sport car in the planet

  3. I hope that is not it. What’s with the droopy looking rear lights? Looks like the car is sad or something, the rear end is completely non-aggressive. The front also looks weird. Very little about the front says Corvette or Chevy.

  4. Vince,

    Could you please give ONE example where “the great” Mark Steherenberger has been spot-on with his renderings? I always thought that his were among the worst in terms of future predictions.

    I hope he is wrong about the new Corvette…

  5. All they need to do is modify. It is a Corvette…it shouldn’t change too much, or it will just become junk like all the other cars out on the road today instead of a head turner.

  6. There something about that side profile that just screams mid-80s…

    It must be the rigid/angular shapes….they got me used to smooth, curved, and strong…

    But yeah, those droopy tail lights have to go!

  7. The current Corvette is just freaking wierd looking. The next one will be better looking cause it can hardly get worse.

  8. GM doesn’t need to reinvent the Corvette’s design to the point where it gets lost in a sea of dull, cookie-cutter Asian sports cars. Keep it looking like a Corvette.

  9. Actually, Steherenberger usually is spectacularly wrong unless there’s some spy photos going around, in which case his drawings aren’t necessary.

  10. I agree about the tail lights. I don’t like how they droop either. I do however like the rest of the car. Especially the front. I gotta feeling that it’ll have direct injection and hopefully a dsg transmission. I hope they keep the same basic layout and dump some more cash into the interior. I love the current one and can’t wait for the next one. I think if they go with all wheel drive and/or mid-engine layout, then it’ll lose its awesome affordability advantage.

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