Next Renault Espace

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Looks just a bit more conservative, maybe.
And more upscale which is a good thing. Because the Espace isn’t cheap….

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  1. the french are getting better, the new laguna, the c5 and now the espace look a lot better than their last 3 predecessors…

  2. It is time for the French to come here.
    I think the Prius is the closet to French design we have in the States and would be nice to see more interesting shapes…

  3. I’m not sure if French cars should come here yet. Even the French make fun of their lousy reputation of quality. But they sure do know how to make them look good!

  4. to smokeonit: i can´t fully agree with you oppinion that the new laguna, espace and c5 are better (in their design) than their last three predecessors:

    – the escpace will receive a more intresting but also more cartoonesque design that the current version, which – to me – looks upscale and classy. the two generations before that model were the first to introduce the van concept in Europe, but nevertheless looked like plastic boxex.
    – the laguna has boring predecessors (R25, Laguna Vers- 1 & 2), but they got more interesting with every generation. if i would be asked, which model appeals to me the most, i would prefer the current, but pre-facelifted version to the upcumming version, which to me looks a bit uninspired and lacks uniqueness and originality of french design.
    – after some thoughts i agree with you on the new c5. the last model was just plain boring, even made me lose my perception of citroen as a brand which was known for its differentness. the xantia was a bit too conservative, but the BX was a milestone to citroen, being the first futuristic and in its technique ultra modern car, after Peugeot baught the brand.

    Well, just my two cents on your oppinion….

  5. It’s just a minivan with funky styling. Chrysler does a minivan as good as anyone. Toyota and Honda have good ones, too, but the new Caravan is really the standard. Besides, we already have French-inspired funkiness with Nissan’s Quest.

  6. I love it, you should see the rest of it. This is essentially the next quest with Renault styling. The next Quest production will be brought back to JAPAN! wow! that will be a wimnner, we found current style polarizing, next will be mainstream but very pretty, Say the Murano of vans

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