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Would this replace their slow selling Quest Minivan?
Is this the new front end design for all next Nissans?

We’ll know much more when at the Detroit show in January…

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  1. Yes Vince, good work, this is the new Quest concept. It’s got new “Trackless” doors, it will have AWD option, it will be built alongside Murano in Japan, it will have 3.5 but near 300 hp, it will have better fuel economy than Honda and toyota vans, and it will have a diesel option that will get near 48 mpg on a large van!, the future is near, it will be produced next fall and arrive early winter.

  2. Very interesting, i like it alot, i hope the production version retains alot of the same styling cues, well done Nissan and even better than I thought in relation the the all new corolls posted above.

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