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Looks like it’s from a Japanese morning show.
And the big man Carlos is even there himself…

From a reader.

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  1. How much time does carlos spend in japan and he cant even speak the language ? he wont take a class ?? shame on him, thats embarassing !! and can i order my gt-r with the mask ? it looks better that way…

  2. Well, Carlos is probably a bit on the older side for learning such a language without a terribly embarrassing accent. Learning English from a romance language or vice versa, and speaking it eloquently is not nearly as daunting as trying to learn Japanese and speak it coherently.

    This new Skyline is very exciting, but at the same time its very disappointing. Sure it may be cheap for the performance, but the GT-R line is now far and away not even an semi-affordable sports line anymore.

    I wonder how the enthusiast in Japan will take the 2x increase in price. People will still buy them there, they will just be rare like every other sports car of its like. Not something you could see every day with a good eye like the R34, R33, R32 were.

    It will likely turn out as another NSX really. Well loved and certainly to be a Car of the Year for the auto magazines, but certainly not going to be bought by the under 50 set often until its resale wanes in a decade.

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