Nissan GT-R

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Finally a good official picture…

And from that angle at least, it looks great.
It should be under $80 000 in the US.

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  1. Finally a good official picture…

    …of a really ugly car. And “under $80,000” for this? A fool and his money are soon parted.

    The beautiful Corvette seems like a better deal.

  2. I am an import lover, but this car is plain ugly. No style or elegance for the most expensive $80K Nissan supercar.

  3. Yes vey ugly car, we agree, it’s intentional you morons. It’s supposed to be the look at me, I don’t conform, never have type. you know, the real successful people unlike yourselves. We knew the commoners wouldn’t get it! HA!you sheep are all truely predictable and laughable.

  4. As if the GTR wasn’t ghastly enough, just wait until the ricer boys festoon this abortion with huge wing spoilers, garish paint jobs and Japanese stickers.

  5. If I remeber correctly, Nissan was the first one came out with such grill design, and then Mitsubishi just copied it…

    Is that right, Vince?

  6. I would love to have this and I really don’t care if people call it ugly. It is one of a kind.

    That’s what people who bought a Pontiac Aztek and the Edsel thought, too. But that’s cool, because the only person who has to like this beast is the owner. Besides, you’ll be able to go like stink when you stomp on the gas. That’s the beauty of this car.

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