Nissan Intima concept

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A.K.A “Droopy”

There was a rumor last year about the next Maxima design turning into one of these “4 door coupe” models like the Mercedes CLS. So I guess this is it.

But so far, it’s not pretty.
They would need to change a lot of things to make that car look like something decent.

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  1. I never thought the 2004 Maxima redesign would grow on me…but it did…..and I originally thought it was the ugliest thing since the Aztek….

  2. I tnink this is a production ready car……….I think this is just one of those cars out there, nothing special, easily forgot

  3. I love it!!!

    You can talk about the front, but nothing is perfect.
    The CLS has a nice rear but the headlights… not for my tastes. But it works.

    So this Nissan is great!

    Much better than the last Laguna…

  4. This is the new Maxima, save for the rolls royce style doors. It will be here next summer. It will have the 3.7 litre w 310 hp. and awd and a diesel option to follow. It will decimate any feeble toyota attempts to making a big powerful sedan. This will outscore evry mercedes, cadillac and toyota within $5,000. It will be what we have proven to be ” the quietest car on the planet” including rolls and bentley. You will see technologies only dreamed of!

  5. Nissan Spyking:
    Why don’t you send me a picture of the next Maxima. You seem to know so much about it.
    Until then, I’ll believe what I see. And what I see today is droopy…

  6. Actually, if the Nissan just switched the front bumper for something shorter, more normal, such as the one on the current Maxima, this car could turn out nicely. For now, however, it looks as if the designers thought the 19th century brought some genius styling (i.e. the cow-catchers on the fronts of trains of that era).

  7. Vince, you come across as much cockier than usual, did I hit a nerve? sorry if I did. You already have the picture of the next maxima, Why so much hostility, believe what you will, but this is it and it will make you and anyone else embarassed to have gone against it, that’s just the results we got from salon tests with mercedes and maxima owners. Are you a fan of the cls or maybach? if so this is your car, if not don’t worry about it, you are not the target!PS you shouldn’t shun a good source…

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