One funny RAV4 commercial

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I guess they think it would be too funny for us…

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  1. Probably afraid of offending whatever group claims to speak for the accident-prone in the U.S.

    Humorless leftists would find something to condemn in that clever commercial.

  2. To be honest, regardless of whether or not it offends people, the commercial is just dumb. It doesn’t make me want a Rav4, it just makes me question the integrity of the modern marriage.

  3. the toyota nz advertisements always win awards. seems to work, they are always the highest selling cars in the country

  4. In the US, the man/husband in commercials is always the dumb loser who needs to be corrected/informed/bested by his wife.

    There is a commercial template where the clueless stumbling husband needs to be told by his wife how wonderful product X is.

    If you ever saw the opposite, there would be lawsuits.

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