Pontiac G8 prices

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It’s official.

The 3.6 Liter V6 with 250hp model will start at $27 595.
The 6.0 Liter V6 with 362hp GT model will start at $29 995.

The V6 comes with a 5 speed auto while you get a 6 speed auto with the V8.
The V8 comes with 18 inch wheels standard with 19 as an option.

These are pretty good prices.
A Chrysler 300 with the 3.5 Liter V6 starts at $29 120.
Quite a bit more. Although with the Chrysler, you get something much more original looking. With more personality.

These powertrains should be what we’ll get in the new Camaro as well…

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  1. Having been a domestic-hater most of my life, I am happy to report that is no longer the case. American car companies have been on their way back for a few years now, and this solidifies that. rpmauto.blogspot.com

  2. According to chrysler.com the base 300 starts at just over $25,000. Personally I feel Pontiac should have made the base G8 just under $25,0000 to give the 300 a competition. I know it will sell even if it starts at $27,000. I just don’t see the comparison of a “luxury” car (300C) and a “performance” car. The Charger is even cheaper.

  3. The $25 000 Chrysler 300 is the one with a smaller 2.7 Liter engine.
    I just compared the 3.5 model to the same size engine in the G8.

  4. Lets see here, the 300 is based on the previous Mercedes E class platform that is now 10 years old while the G8 is based on the new GM Zeta platform that is the new global rear dive platform that will be the basis of the new Camaro. Meaning its more modern and more than likely handles better. While the G8 exterior is more derivative than 300, the interior is much more refined (in design and from the looks of it materials as well) which is where you spend most of the time anyway. Also the price is indicative of the Camaro being extremely competitive with the Mustang.

  5. This car does look good. It’s going to use ALOT of gas though. Even with cylinder deactivation. That’s too bad. And what’s up with the color choices, especially that weird blue color. They need more choices. I do like the Panther Black Metallic though. That color is awesome. I’d probably wait for the Chevy version though. It might be even cheaper and Chevy might use the actual Holden nose on it too which I think looks better.


  6. Also the prices are better than I expected. We’ll see how much the options tack on though. And don’t forget about the possible gas guzzler tax that might be put on the V8.


  7. Douchebag Jones said…

    another winer

    Whiner? Wiener? Winner? Regardless, this car has Catera written all over it.

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