Porsche Panamera illustrations

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By the magazine Top gear.

They do look more realistic to me than the previous ones. But the A pillar seems to be really straight.
And the whole car seems shorter than what we’ve seen from the spy shots.

We’ll see….

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  1. That is one Ugly Car. It would have to look a helluva lot better in the flesh than it does in these pics!

  2. I think the Porsche Panamera looks absolutely horrible. And it seems to be getting uglier with every ‘rendering’ I see. I think it would have been FAR better for Porsche to use the Mazda RX-8 idea for a 4-door sports car and hide the rear doors ‘suicide’ style. At least the RX-8 looks like a factory automobile. The Panamera looks like the winning entry in a ‘How to make a Porsche look ugly’ contest!! lol

  3. is it for only me that the Porsche halo doesn’t work? Its shaping up to be a VW wagon unlike more real “4 door coupes” like the cls. Sad thing is that the Lexus GS looks sportier than this station wagon (that’s what you get when you stretch a 911). It needs a semi boot like the Rapide.

  4. Wow that’s ugly as sin. Aston Martin takes the beauty pageant hands down on this one when their Rapide comes out.

  5. I’d rather have a 1974 Dodge Monaco with a cop engine, cop shocks and cop tires than pay $150,000 for this HIDEOUSLY FUGLY P.O.S. Come on Porche…are you freakin’ kidding us?

    John M.

  6. This is the one and only time I will ever say this:

    Give this thing a conventional TRUNK…it will look better I promise.

    They don’t know how to make a GOOD LOOKING 4dr hatch w/o turning it into an SUV apparently….

  7. The roofline and rear door window isn’t as sloped/rounded as I (and Porschephiles) would have expected.. it definitely ruins the overall look, and makes the expected “coupe-like” sedan look more like a chopped and tuned Mazda3!

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