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I just hear that the revised 2009 RAV 4 could come out as early as February 2008.

So there….

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  1. no change can make that thing good looking
    especialy when the new vue is out there
    i just saw the vue today at our local dealer in beautiful modesto california and it is a work of american art

  2. Jones, are you stupid?

    1) It is made in Mexico.
    2) Designed in Germany.

    Only the dealers and corporate GM make money, not our workers.

    I would rather have Japanese saki mobiles, unless it was a Jeep Wrangler.

  3. i thought the vue is based on the opel anterra (?). i guess anything abroad is better than home-grown vehicles. sad state of affair for detroit –thumbdown–

    maybe we should scrap gm here and import all of its vehicles from opel?

    the new vue is waaaay better than the crap from last year.

  4. The Vue? I’d still like to know how GM/Opel/Daewoo managed to get an AWD vehicle the size of a CRX to weigh 4300 lbs – which is 600-700 lbs more than a comparable RAV4. Not only that, the Vue AWD is roughly the same weight as a Hyundai Veracruz, so this isn’t purely a case of Daewoo and the Koreans not being able to build a vehicle with competitive weight.

  5. As much as I hated the current rear windows…..now there’s nothing to set this apart from the current AND last gen Highlander…..Audi syndrome is now amongst us….

  6. The new CR-V is dominating sales. Toyota has to do something. It isn’t all about which one has the most power. The interior of the RAV4 is incredibly ugly.

  7. I love this change in the rear widows. It eliminates a massive blind spot. BTW, I think the previous Highlander was pretty.

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