Renault Kagoo and Kangoo Express: the video

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This gives a better idea.

I still think the “delivery version” would be cool for small companies that don’t really need a giant pick up truck.
It’s pretty bare bone, but it seems to have everything you need for that kind of small jobs….

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  1. Looks like they converted a delivery truck into a family utility car.
    Yes it is simple, safe car, plenty of storages just like utility truck but plain ugly like every other Renault.

  2. Very pretty, cute, highly versatile, efficient, what more do you want? oh, and now its built as solid as a nissan, renault wins!

  3. Ya Baby, luv this Kangoo, it would eat the scion right out! I would enter it conventionally and thriugh the back door, it looks like it is such a good time. Renault really knows how to build auto erotik

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