Renault Kangoo Express

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This is the cheaper panel van version of the new Kangoo.
And I still think there would be a market in the US for this type of small vans.
Why can the pool guy drive this instead of a full size pick up truck that gets about 11mpg…

This is supposed to be getting about 40mpg in mixed driving, with the 1.5 Liter diesel engine.
Oil changes are due only every 12 000 miles or once a year.
So this would be pretty cheap to run….

Maybe Nissan could really think about it.

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  1. you kids will have to admit this looks like a 3rd wolfd car nobody in the us would be crazy enough to buy one diesle are bad anyway they smell and are still noisy even the new ones

  2. My parents own a Peugeot 307 HDi and it’s pretty much just as quiet as any petrol car. At highway speeds it ticks over at about 2200 rpm in 6th gear. You could take any number of diesels and the only real indication is a slight clatter at idle speeds and with 320nm of torque it’s pretty quick too.

    Peugeots use their special particulate filter which reduces particulate emissions to barely measurable levels. In fact in many urban environments the air from the exhaust actually has fewer particulates than the air the engine takes in.

    Oh, to be blissfully ignorant like d jones…

  3. I’m totally in agreement about the marketability of this in NA. It’s just a cool little “work truck”. I bet you could run a pretty good large-object courier business with a few of these. I could see the phone and utility companies starting to use these.

  4. The Kangoo is already sold in Europe as the Nissan Kubistar. Not sure if the 2008 model will meet USA regulations ans whether it is economical to export it, although Nissan are trying to increase their LCV sales worldwide.

  5. Perfect size for something like a bakery or a florist. Even for electricians, plumbers, painters, etc. Fuel savings over American gas hogs could save a small business some big bucks.

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