Revised RAV4 in Japan

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Sold in Japan as another version of the RAV4.

So this might be what’s in store for us next year.
But it doesn’t match the other pictues I had posted before where the D pillar of the car had been redesigned.

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  1. I think it looks great, especially since they finally removed the spare tire from the back. the front almost looks like a camry. Good Job!

  2. The tire in the back was mainly for the US version.
    They don’t have it in Europe, and I think you could chose between the 2 in Japan.

  3. Glad you like the pics….
    I think you said this will come here in Feb 08.
    Only 4 months away from touch down, however I might be behind the wheel of a Rogue before then.

  4. looks good. i like the new rims… very similar to the RX400 hybrid’s rims. also like the rear without the spare.

  5. Didn’t the new RAV4 just come out like a year or two ago? What’s with the redesign already. Doesn’t Toyota usually wait a little longer before they do a face life that significant.

  6. That is NOT a Rav 4. In Japan, it’s called the Vanguard as the Rav 4 is not sold in Japan.

    Also there is no indication we will get this in North America, and this exterior design does not match the pics that you keep referring to Vince.

  7. Looks worse than the one we got, and it looks like they just took the Camry headlights and stuck on it (how original). I used to like Toyota’s design but it is bland now…they ruined the Highlander, and I can’t wait to see how they ruin the 4Runner which is the only Toyota on a design level I like anymore.

  8. Never really like the lines of the RAV 4, and still don’t. It overstyled to the point of looking like it was in an accident.

  9. I got mixed up. The Kluger is no longer sold in Japan, and you are correct the Vanguard is a bit longer than the Rav 4. The Vanguard is likely meant to replace the Kluger in Japan.

  10. the front end looks much like a combination between a camry, a mondeo, and the vw tiguan. the rav4 is sold in japan in addition to the vanguard model you see here which is approximately rav4 “sport” in the u.s.

  11. Vince, How do these major contenders get away with not offering a rear bumper on their crossover suv’s? From the looks of these pictures, the full size spare that hangs off the current RAV4 is the only thing that would offer any kind of protection in a rear end collision.

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