Roewe SUV coming up

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Rover never had an SUV, so this is a new one.
Not a rebadged Rover.

Owner SAIC claims they will come up with 30 new models by 2010!
Amazing. But Chery was also supposed to sell cars over here by next year. So the Chinese aren’t too shy about outlandish claims.

Who knows, we might even see some of these here.

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  1. well, Vince, yer sure buzy with the Chinese cars/suvs this week.
    Chery..they WERE supposed to be here now…but thanks ot Malcholm Brickland(or brickload..whichever you prefer)…..he had dealerships(40 or 50) lined up, but was somehow not happy with Chery, so Chrysler contacted Chery, and Chery got sick of brickload’s hijinx, and dumped him about a year ago….for Chrysler…
    If not for Brickland’s games… we would have Chery’s here now, as 08 models.

    As for Brilliance….as you posted this week, they claim cars will be here soon, but how? They have no dealership/network set up, do they?
    Haven’t heard of one(same for Any Chinese automaker).
    They say they’re gonna be here soon…what they gonna do, buy out Isuzu dealerships(they few there are)and sell, or is Chrysler gonna sell Chery cars next to Dodge vehicles(2 dealerships/1 lot). Heard they have some 25 year agreement?

    Row(e) your boat…. where they gonna sell them?

    Time for these makers to get shops set up, and start selling.

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