Saab 9.4X Illustration

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Just looks like a compact wagon on this one…
I guess it shouldn’t be too trucky for a Saab.
This and the Cadillac version will be made in Mexico next year.

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  1. Nobody cares about saab and mexico builds some of the worlds best quality cars, vw, nissan, toy, and the rest build there

  2. Yoko MA,

    Fine, I doubt you would buy a Bentley made in Mexico. The purpose of buying a SAAB is for it Swedish side, period.

  3. Made in Mexico? Enough said….But,…oh wait, The Mercedes ML is made in the US and is at the bottom of the reliability ratings. Oh well, I guess Mexico is ok. NOT!

  4. There is nothing “Saab” about that thing. Looks more like a Pontiac Vibe to me, which is probably a better deal and features higher reliability as a Toyota clone.

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