Scion Dalek xD Concept

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A cool 4 door convertible version of the small Scion.
I am sure Toyota has no production plans for a 4 door convertible, but it still is a cool idea…

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  1. Remember, the Toyota Solara originally came out as a concept:

    So who knows? It might come to fruition. Now that they’ve canned the Solara (I own a 2002 SLE V6 convertible) they’re probably gonna want to have a 4-seater convertible to replace it with.

    All in all, that Dalek xD concept is pretty interesting. If they softened it a bit I would definitely consider one.

  2. I just bought a new pair of Reebok jogging shoes and this really reminds me of that somehow, but I’m not sure how……wait, I see it, this car is exactly like the box they came in. Wow! Toyota is really on their game here, you can see they brought out their big guns of design. You can just here it now, ” Spare no expense, make the prettiest car of all time” That has to be the case, this car is perfection, I think Toyota should be proud. This is an accomplishment…just look at it! way to go toyota, your future looks very, very, bright!

  3. Doesn’t one exist in xA form?

    Another concept that won’t make it.

    If they made a tC version however…

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