Smart Chinese copy on sale in Europe????

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That’s what the Chinese press claims.

The European importer, Martin Motors will be selling the car in Italy.
They are afraid of the German market because the Chinese car maker is actually being sued by Mercedes.(!!!)

So, in a weird/strange/stupid yet gutsy move, they’ve decided to start sales in Italy for 9000 Euros.
A country where the basic “real” Smart goes for 9 350 Euros !
Who in their right mind would buy the Chinese copy for almost the same price????

Weird news…
Here is the quote:

“Martin Motors appears not to be afraid of the mighty legal hand of Daimler AG, who earlier threatened to sue if the Little Nobel went on sale in their own backyard, hence sales in Germany of the Bubble have yet to commence due to legal wrangling. The 1.1l, 68bhp motor is going on sale in Italy for just 9,000 Euros.”

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  1. The chinese have no soul and no trust in their own soul. If they did, they would design what came from their heart and not rip off every european design they see.

  2. ……..which makes them about the same as every other asian country. Cheap labor has moved from japan, to korea, now to china and thats the way it goes. The difference is chinas population, not too mention india.

  3. The Chinese have no integrity at all. At least that can be said for those running their automotive industry, hazardous food ingredient industry, knockoff DVD industry, knockoff timepiece industry, fake handbags, knockoff pens, knockoff apparel etc…

  4. I don’t care what it looks like, if it is from China, I am NOT buying it regardless of the price. China is killing the planet, boycott China NOW!

  5. It is amazing to me how the Chinese seem oblivious to the fact that they cannot possibly expect to sell a copy of a European car in Europe and be successful. They may ignore the meaning of the words “intellectual property”, but they need to wake up and realise that we don’t. Maybe they think that, since we buy their cheap copies of Vouitton handbags and Rolex watches, the same will work with cars too. And besides, a copied handbag costs only a frection of the price of the real deal, but who do they think is going to pay even 6000 euros for this, let alone 9000?? It’s pure folly. The Chinese may be unimaginative, but I never thought they could be this downright stupid.

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