Sub 1 series BMW?

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That rumor makes no sense at all.
Wouldn’t that compete with the Mini?

They claim this is to go against the upcoming Audi A1. But Audi is coming up with an A1 to compete with the Mini in the 1st place?

And what would they call it. The 1/2 Series????

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  1. BMW is already planning a X1 as well as a Mini offroader, both will share the same underpinning but for different tastes I guess. So perhaps the same with this one… They might give it a letter such as what they done to the X series and upcoming V series…

  2. Hmm…yeah definitely bogus sounding. Even though it’s fake, too bad the 1-series styling isn’t closer to that instead of looking liks a saggy couch.

  3. BMW should learn the lesson that Mercedes has (at least in the U.S.) – stop trying to be all things to all people.

  4. I don’t care for the kink in the character line behind the door handle. BMWs newish front ends look like an ugly girl with a pig nose.

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