Subaru Exiga concept

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Not really sure, but that looks like the next Forester to me..

And again, nothing spectacular. Just looks like a short Legacy wagon.
At least there would be more difference than the last time they redesigned it, back in the 1930’s or something…

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  1. I think Subaru is one of the most unique companies out there and think their products are very good!
    However, I wish they would build a 2 door AWD machine or even a hatch version that is sporty and functional.

  2. It’s Legacy 7 seaters. I guess this is not design for Americans if they seriously think it can fit 7 human beings.

  3. It would make a nice Forester. I like the specs on the current Forester, but not the looks. Too boxy. This one is a nice improvement.


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