Subaru Impreza STI

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I am not into these super powerful small cars. But I don’t think it looks that bad.
The detailing seems nice. It has a quality look to it.

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  1. these seats look like a torure chamber and they are too small for americans thank god we wont see this thing over here

  2. Slimebag Jones, I will buy one and I can fit into it. I am an American….your a right wing fool.
    You just beer belly is covering your dictionary.
    Use it.

  3. I like these small rocket cars. Hope I can afford the GTR. The STI photo is of JDM or Japan dealer Market with awsome narrow Recaro seats that the USA version does not have. seems they give us FAT GUY flat wide seats. Must be for those chubby Americans you always comment about.

  4. The US spec version might also have additional safety
    features within the seats that might be providing it with more girth.

  5. I like this car. The more I see it the more I like it. I definitely like it better than the old one. The seats look awesome to me.


  6. The more I’m seeing of this Subaru Imprezza hatch, the more I’m thinking Subaru may have made the right call.

  7. I also think it looks better than the EVO too. I love the hatch too. You could actually carry something in the back if you had to.

    John M (JM)

  8. heres a link to fat guy seats–scroll down to posting

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